4th Generation ~ Michelle O'Neal Irby

Registered Preparer ~ 1985 - Current

I am president of O'Neal Tax Service, and have over 32 years experience in tax preparation.  I began my career in the family business during college doing basic office work, then moved to working on state tax returns while Dad prepared the federal returns.  I also helped at Universal Tax Service and Tax Teller offices during tax seasons preparing returns and converting returns for electronic filing when E-File first became available.

I am a North County High School Graduate and attended Mineral Area College & UMSL.  I majored in business management with an emphasis in accounting & Finance.  I am also Securities licensed for series 6,7,62 & 63 & services/manages many retirement accounts for people.

One of the things that separates our office from other tax offices is the overall tax & financial strategizing that we offer our clients.  Because of my retirement investments knowledge and my tax experience, I can advise clients in areas to help reduce taxes now and at retirement time.


4th Generation ~ Michael T. O'Neal

Registered Preparer ~ 1999 - Current

I am a 1990 graduate of North County High School and I attended Southwest Missouri State University.  I have been working in the family business since 1999.  I average around 1,200 tax returns a year at my desk and see a lot of different things.  I have been told I have exceptional customer service skills and take my part in the family business very seriously, and am proud to carry the family legacy forward in a positive manner.  

I also do a lot of marketing work with advertising and keeping people informed on social media.  I am also the Chief Elf with Building and pulling the floats for the office in the local Christmas Parades.

Our family legacy that was entrusted with us, along with the trust of our clients is very important to me.  We work hard every year to provide a 1st class service for everyone.

Thank you all for your continued support and business each year !

4th Generation ~ Laurie O'Neal Winckel

Registered Preparer ~ 1978 - Current

I am a 1981 graduate from Desoto High School and attended Mineral Area College after that.  I am married with 3 kids &  have 5 Grandchildren.  I started working in the office doing copy work for my parents when I was 15 and doing state returns after that for years.

I have worked off and on in the business since 1978 and went full time in 2000.  I prepare income taxes and do accounting.  I enjoy helping all of the customers, especially the really nervous ones.  When we get to the bottom line and they are getting a refund it is great to see the look on their faces.  People compare us to going to see the dentist, but we are usually painless.  Come in and see us, you will be VERY satisfied with our office and service.


5th Generation ~ Josh Irby

Registered Preparer ~ 2008 - Current

Josh began in the office as a filer and processor in 2008 and expressed a serious interest to carry on the family legacy as a registered preparer in 2018.  He graduated high school from North County in 2010 and CMU in 2016 with a bachelors in Math.  He is still learning but is very knowledgable and has all 3, 4th generation prepareres as mentors available at all times.  Josh is a big part of the future of O'Neal Tax Service, Inc.


5th Generation ~ Jaclyn Hathman

Office Manager ~ 1998 - Current

Jaclyn began in the office as a filer and processor in 1998 and promoted to office manager in 2019.  She graduated high school from North County in 2004 and CMU in 2008 with a bachelors in education.  It takes alot of support staff to accomplish what we do and Jaclyn is a HUGE part of that and the future operations of O'Neal Tax Service, Inc.


6th Generation ~ Tyler Reibe

Filer & Processor ~ 2019 - Current

Tyler is the most recent generation of the family business, and is in the beginning learning stages, learning the filing and processing behind the scenes.  He is currently in high school, takes his responsabilities seriously and has a bright future with the company

Current Support Staff

This is our current staff, however there have been countless family members from nieces, nephews & outside friends along the way.  Some have moved on with their lives and others are still very much a part of what we do.  Without them we would not be able to work our magic each tax season.  Please be courteous to them on the phone and when you see them in our office. 


Amanda Allen

Receptionist / Processor ~ 2019 - Current

Amanda is a mother of 3 and has proven to be a great asset to O'Neal Tax Service.  She takes her responsibilities seriously and is a refreshing addition to the friendliness to the office.  She is dedicated to her family, her kids, and her fur babies.  She is an animal lover and finds a special connection with horses, and the outdoors in general.


Petie Briggs-Bullock

Processor ~ 2019 - Current

Originally from Union Missouri, she now calls Bonne Terre home.  Passions are her family, rescuing animals, and her volunteer work with Casa in helping neglected children find their way home.  Her and her husband have been clients for 20+ years, and looks forward to getting to know the clients and friends in this coming tax season and years to come.


Stephanie Nash

Receptionist ~ 2020 - Current

Stephanie is a mother of three with a spark for life, and a graduate of Arcadia Valley High School. She has an amazing customer service attitude that has been sustained with over 20+ yrs of experience dealing with the public. Her Faith in God is what gets her through each day.   She enjoys spending time with her kids, the outdoors, and being active in her church home.  She has previous tax experience that makes her a perfect fit for the future of O'Neal Tax Service, and our continued spirit of excellence with our customers, and company growth.


Trey Smith (Lil Smith)

Processor ~ 2021 - Current

Trey is a 5th Generation Pastor in his family.  He is currently the youth Pastor at Christian Life Church in Park Hills, MO with his Dad being the Lead Pastor.  Trey has experience dealing with people from his activitiesresponsibilities and duties at the Church, and is a very detail oriented and determined worker.  He likes to stay active, and as our newest worker, what he lacks in experience, he makes up for in character.  He is a very bright young man with a BIG future ahead of him.